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So, here’s a thing I don’t get.

Why are people afraid to experiment?

Finish me!

So, personal stuff is going on and it’s making it not easy to focus on long term projects. I hate to make excuses, but anyone who says that artists thrive in adversity was full of shit.

Urban Scrawl PT 2, panel complete.

Materials used: Montana gold spraypaint, blickcrylic & golden acrylic paint, acrylic ink & Liquitex markers. Good game guys! See you next year!


Urban scrawl part one.

Good day today! I’ll be back down tomorrow to finish what I started.
Photos of the fest and what I’m working on after the jump

Urban Scrawl pregame

Well, tomorrow begins Urban Scrawl. For folks TL;DR, me and a mess of other artists will get a 4 x 8 foot panel and will have 2 days to paint it. Folks can come watch us, or watch the break dancers or listen to the live DJs and drink beer and eat gourmet food truck food.

I’ve been chewing over what I’m gonna do… I think it’ll be something like this, wish me luck! (I’ll be posting updated of course). IMG_5401.JPG

Urban Scrawl 2014

This weekend (August 23 & 24) I’ll be painting a 4 x 8 foot panel at Urban Scrawl in Columbus Ohio. Address is 400 West Rich St. Here’s the facebook event page for it. Apart from seeing a mess of artists like me painting huge ass paintings you can see break dance folk, hear people DJ, eat from food trucks and drink beer. Plus I hear the studios at 400 will be open, so that’s cool. Also, after party Saturday night at Strongwater (bar on the other side of the building on Town St), that starts at 10. Don’t tell anybody.

If you come, say hello.

By the way, here is my panel from last year.

Media review/test, Light Molding Paste

Hey folks. I wasn’t feeling well for a bit, hence the lack of updates but I’m dandy now.

So lately I’ve been experimenting with new media. I primarily call myself a painter… because I mostly paint. Oils and acrylics are my game, but I also have gouache and watercolors in my arsenal. For on did my many jobs I work at an art supply store, and I get to learn about new products. Sometimes I’ll get a new thing, and I’ve opted to tell you about a few of them. So, here’s my review of Golden’s light molding paste.


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