It’s Saturday Morning Somewhere (showtime)

This Saturday the 17th at the The Vanderelli Room 218 McDowell St., Franklinton (Columbus) starting at 7 is the show opening of It’s Saturday Morning Somewhere. This show features a whole mess of local artists showing off art inspired by our childhoods watching cartoons on Saturday morning. Check the press below for more info.

First oil painting of 2015

This was done as a part of my exploration into oil paper. It’s the first one that’s close to what I normally do on wood or canvas (vs just moving paint around. 9 x 12 inches, no primer, under drawing done with pastel pencil. 3 sessions total, each session was around 3-4 hours. Work time it took I’d guess around 12’ish hours at the most. Painting was left to dry completely between sessions.

Painting was worked just like this, clipped to a board. Paper doesn’t wrinkle like watercolor paper does.

Detail photo

Process photo… I’m bad at remembering to take these.

More pastel media tests

This is soft pastel on watercolor paper (140 pound cold press, around 8×5 inches). I’m frustrated with subject matter in general, & I want to get away from head shots (I crank these out because it’s easy). I’m half tempted to start resorting to models again. Mostly I draw from my imagination with very few references, using memory as inspiration. This has drawbacks, because eventually all you’re doing is repeating yourself, it’s like mumbling something over and over that you already know. The problem with models though is arranging a time, and I can’t afford to hire anyone anyway. I do like the portrait narrative though, and I haven’t doodled over anything yet that interests me as much. I’ll just work & explore until something else comes up.


These other two are pastel & India ink


Standing while moving

So yeah… December. Nearing that year end business. I’d say at this point I’m entering a flux, a crossroads if you will. For most of this year I’ve been dealing with my body rebelling, and now that I’m on my 3rd round of antibiotics (long story short, I apparently have had a sinus infection for over a year) I am starting to feel better. Well, at least a bit more positive. I’m having less problems with my vision now, and I’m ready and needing to make work. There’s a show im taking part in in January & I have other stuff to prepare for. I have to finish what I’ve started and make new work, lots of new work.

I’ll admit though to feeling completely blocked.

Press the button

So, here’s a thing I don’t get.

Why are people afraid to experiment?

Finish me!

So, personal stuff is going on and it’s making it not easy to focus on long term projects. I hate to make excuses, but anyone who says that artists thrive in adversity was full of shit.

Urban Scrawl PT 2, panel complete.

Materials used: Montana gold spraypaint, blickcrylic & golden acrylic paint, acrylic ink & Liquitex markers. Good game guys! See you next year!



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