What is Happening?

    Now Accepting Commissions! Check out the Commission/Buy page for more information or send Sara a message for more information. Get your own custom portrait!

What is Next?

Urban Scrawl is a 2-day festival that takes place in late August each year that features the live creation of murals by Columbus artists, artist and food vendors, as well as performances by musicians, DJs and breakdancers. Watch Sara paint live!
Festival takes place August 17 - 18 at 400 West Rich St. Columbus Ohio
Visit the Franklinton Arts District for more info

Goodale Park Music Series: Eric Nassau & Friends
Sunday,  August 28 from 12:30 - 2PM
Sara E. Adrian will be painting live

Presence: A Dialog with the Human Form
Since the dawn of creative activity, artists have been naturally inclined to adopt the human figure as subject matter. In our contemporary times it still remains a source of inspiration and a vital tool of symbolism. Presence brings together the work of practicing artists who demonstrate that the human form has a diverse dialogue all its own. The exhibition is curated by Casey Bradley, Studio Manager and Instructor of Dimensional Studies, Columbus College of Art and Design.

Artists include:
Sara E. Adrian
Laura Alexander
Brian Alloway
Jim Bowling
Casey Bradley
Jenny Fine
Daric Gill
Daniel Grose
John Hansen
Hiroshi Hayakawa
Amy Leibrand
Claudio Orso
Stephanie Rond
Shane Snider
Matt Tisdale
Emily-Kitturah Westenhouser
Olga ZiemskaSee More

Reception: Friday, September 20, 5:00 – 7:30 p.m. at the Capital University Schumacher Gallery, 303 East Broad St. (top floor of the library building) in Columbus Ohio

About Sara E. Adrian

    Sara Adrian is a highly motivated visual artist and illustrator with 10 years of coordinating solo and group exhibitions, and has 5 years of assisting in and planning local art events in Columbus. She has been featured on for organizing popular events and creating unique artwork, & was named to top 10 best local artists in Columbus in 2012   
    Sara  was born in Columbus Ohio, and received her Bachelors in Fine Art at Columbus College of Art and Design.

Artist Statement 

Mythology and storytelling and how people incorporate them into their lives has always fascinated me. Whether it be a fairy tale from a thousand years ago or the latest movie, people identify with and use those stories to define, inspire, and encourage their own personal journey through life. In my work I explore themes of myth, archetypes of personality, of fantasy, and I explore the veil how we interpret our world. The subjects in my work are often don’t represent actual individuals, but are representative of an idea, or a theme, or a character of myth. Often there’s a technical link hidden in the colors, gesture, or the title of the piece which hints to the research I’ve done in that subject, but that information is not required in enjoying the work. Stylistically I compose my composition deliberately flattened to be reminiscent of historical imagery found in art history, such as in Byzantine icon painting or ancient Greek murals. I also take my inspiration from more contemporary sources, such as German expressionism, art deco painting, and early 20th century political propaganda posters. My goal as an artist is to illuminate how rich and diverse our world is and how we are, and that within that diversity anything can be possible.