I believe in totems, ritual, and mysteries. We go through our lives in patterns, commute to work or school & do our jobs, or take care of the kids. Our time can seem repetitive, endless, unless we choose to do something about it.

That’s where I come in. My art is born from dark green places and stories told by firelight. I will talk to folks I meet on the street and get inspired by their story, their personal myth. I believe we all go through our own version of the Hero’s Journey , the monomyth that Joseph Campbell writes about. What I paint or draw often involves symbolism in color, shape, or gesture or with objects. It’s the viewer to decide what meaning those symbols might have, although if you ever ask me I may tell you a story.

Visually I’m inspired by French prehistoric cave painting,Byzantine icons, German expressionism, Mexican muralists, and fluxism, to name a few.

I mostly paint and draw, but I also curate shows and sometimes host events and take part in performance art. It’s part of my philosophy that we should all support each other in doing great work and amazing things so that in the end we all have great stories to tell.

Sara was born in Columbus Ohio, and received her Bachelors in Fine Art at Columbus College of Art and Design.


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Affiliations & Organizations

Gallery coordinator for Wood.Metal.Art 2014-

Voted one of the Top Ten Artists in Columbus Ohio by the readers of the Columbus Underground

Board member of the Franklinton Arts District Committee 2007-2009

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