What is happening here?

LandLab Arts
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ok long story short, I am fixing my web presence.

If you follow me on other social media places, you’ll know I’ve recently launched an online store called LandLab Arts. It’s just a baby right now, with the eventual goal of not just selling the shirts and mugs, but prints of my work as well. The whole goal is to make my work affordable (because I get that complaint quite a bit with my paintings). So yeah, it’s an experiment right now, a sideline gig to help support all my creative efforts and volunteer work in my local community.

Other thoughts I’ve had is creating content for a Patreon. One of the things I’ve always have been about is… well, encouraging people to be awesome. What that means… eh so well people want to be brave, try new things, connect, do things they’re afraid of… but they’re afraid, of looking stupid, of failing, of not being good at or good enough, and you name it. I like to listen to people and that fear is something that I hear a lot of, and it bothers me. In part because I’ve been there, but partly because I have seen so many people give up or pass by opportunities to do what they want or to take the first steps in exploring things and people they might love and just… don’t. Because of the risk, because of the chance that things may not go their way.  So how can I help people be awesome? I can lead by example, tell you about the stuff I get into and be accessible, and I can show you stuff. Kinda why I’m starting up this blog again.

So now I have two sites… what do I do with this space?

saraadrian.com has been around since 1997, since I’ve graduated college. Mostly it’s been a portfolio site for my work that I’ve tried to maintain as work all my various day jobs (and I have had many many day-jobs). Currently I’m freelancing picking up odd design work here and there (small jobs, nothing exciting) and grinding at both my fine art and illustration practices, working at merging the two. A thing about me is everything I do has to dovetail. I work best when one interest supports another. Sooooooo yeah!

There’s much work I have to do here, upload recent work and try to make it a thing. Lots of work to do at LandLab Arts as well. There’s a blog there and that space I’m gonna keep more ‘official’, but this is gonna be more of a personal’ish blog I suppose.

I also want this to be a conversation too. You have a thought, toss it at me here or wherever I am (see the social links and choose your format to find me).

I’ll see you in the future.

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