Doin’ the Hustle

Well Happy Friday! This week things were made and social medias and things have been added, updated, and linked all the way from the retail river of the Amazons to the digital streams of the Twitch. So this is what’s doing on that end:

So yeah, I’ve now got stuff on Amazon. Just five shirts for now (men and women’s styles). If you have Prime it may be cheaper for you to order that way, but I do make a few bucks more if you order through LandLab Arts, and hey I’m getting better at organizing this space. See that white tree? Click that and you’ll go to my store… I know it needs more stuff… but ain’t everything a work in progress? I’m a one lady operation here and that stuff doesn’t pay the bills (maybe someday) sooo yeah! Watch this space and I’ll occasionally let y’all know of new things.

Sara E. Adrian's Patreon

And now I’m on Patreon too. And WTF is that you may ask? So, you may have heard of the Kickstarter and how that works. A person comes up with a project or idea, and they write up a proposal with a $ goal they want to achieve, and you decide it’s a cool thing, so you fund it. If it makes it’s goal then hooray and you get whatever rewards at the tier you donate at. Well Patreon is not project based, it’s individual based. Say you like what I do and what I’ve been doing. Maybe you want more exclusive content, see behind the scenes, or want my help or advice with whatever it is you’re doing (fun fact I have worked as a consultant before and people have asked me to teach art). Well enter Patreon. You sign up for whatever tier you want and donate monthly to help support me making more art. I do lots of different things to pay the bills and if people buy my art, buy shirts, or become a patron or directly donate I can use that time and money to make more art.  Honestly it feels weird to ask for support and tips, but also I know if I don’t ask for support, I won’t get it. So, no harm in asking. BTW folks who become patrons on Patreon get access to exclusive posts, and I’m getting set up to do exclusive broadcasts, Q/A sessions, and I can talk about all kinds of stuff regarding the artist lifestyle or whatever else people want me to rant about. Throw a dollar a month to my cause and you can start getting access. BAM! If you don’t want to do that now, that’s ok, the patreon button will just hang off to the side there.

Also speaking of live broadcasts, I’ve started a Twitch channel. I still have some stuff to figure out on that end… but I’ll let you all know when I start doing live broadcasts there.

Annnnnnnnddd yeah there’s a Paypal donation button. AGAIN I feel kinda weird about it but blah blah blah -don’taskwon’tget- stuff. If people like what I do and want to support me in any way that’s cool and I want to give people options to do so.

But hey if you don’t, and if all you want to do is kinda eyeball this blog and look at my pictures now and then that’s cool too. The purpose for me in this is to reach out, and you are under no obligation to reach back (but it would be nice if you did… lol).


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