Studio bowels

The work continues. I applied a vinegar/salt mixture to some copper leafing on a painting the other day and it did exactly what I wanted. A bright blue/green patina appeared, I was happy… until I dabbed the vinegar off because I didn’t want all the copper gone and it took the color with it. I have enough of a visual reference though to reproduce the look and color with paint though. It’s almost done, then varnish and frame… it should be ready for the show in July.

Prints have been ordered as well. I don’t have a giclée printer at home so I have to farm that out. I have some larger frames on hand and I may soon get some poster sized prints for those… because I can, but it’ll depend on my budget.

So things are moving, and I’m in hermit mode getting stuff done. I’m trying to combat my mood though. I’ve been very depressed lately, and I’m keeping that to myself because nobody wants to deal with depressed people, they aren’t any fun and I know I’m not good company when I’m like this. So I’m powering through, trying to distract myself from overthinking by listening to podcasts and watching ridiculous videos, for example the Russian Hobbit is a delight.

So I’m doing that, and working on meditation. I am still planning on filming myself work, but then I feel weird about it. Key thing in life is always to move past the weird and negative voices in your head and do the thing. Ugh… come on affirmations do your thing already.

Get back to work.

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