‘Persephone in Winter’, Oil and Silver & Copper Leaf on Wood 18 x 24″

Let me show you how this got made.

First wood (birch plywood) was cut, and primed with acrylic based gesso.

Palate = Cremitz white, Flake White, Radiant White, Portland Grey, Zinc Yellow, Venetian Red, Cobalt Violet, Cadmium Red Dark, Phthalo Green, German Earth, Lamp Black
Brands used: Willamsburg, Gamblin, Utretcht, Old Holland


Drawing laid down. Tried purple as an experiment… not quite advisable.
Underpainting laid down
color laid down in more detail. Sorry the image is blurry.
paint detail
Preparing for the leaf, glue is laid down and left to dry until tacky
Silver Leaf Application
Silver is down, SUPER SHINY
Silver is distressed with bleach and left unvarnished to continue the patina
paint is being layered. 
Copper leaf is applied, then patina applied with vinegar/salt solution. 
Final touch up and painting is signed (very faint, upper right corner)

One thought on “‘Persephone in Winter’, Oil and Silver & Copper Leaf on Wood 18 x 24″

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