Fumes and Marginal Arts (aka Sara is going on an adventure)

It’s been a frame and varnish party here at the Lady Cave (home/studio).  I have a little more to do before I drop off my work on Saturday, but I’m pretty much ready to fire. Weather has been nice so I’m not skunked out of the house with the fumes.

There is a strong possibility (like 98%) I’ll be headed to Roanoke Virginia for the AfterMAF 2017. Some work I had planned fell through, and I’ll be traveling with friends to cut costs. I’ll be bringing some stuff with me, and maybe I’ll get to take part in some performances, who knows?

About the event, it’s basically… fluxus absurtist dada’ish anti-art experimental wtf did I eat the brown acid madness. If you like things that make sense, hang your hat up and buckle in because these are not the droids you’re looking for. It’s good to have new experiences.
Event is free, runs from July 6-9, and is for 18 and up (event is not suitable for the kids). BTW since these folks are working/traveling with no expectation of profit it would be super awesome to donate or bring useful things, or to purchase stuff to help support this event.

Don’t miss the 3rd Annual Avant-Garde Extravagandaganza, right here in Roanoke: The biggest, strangest celebration of Radical Avant-Anti-Culture in the South!

featuring Four FREE Days of

and there will be stuff like this (BTW Bradley Chriss is a delightful person but the meat stuff makes me gag… makes me laugh but makes me gag… he better not do the poetry with the eyeball thing! I CAN’T DEAL WITH THAT BRAD!).

Bradley Chriss w/ Megan Blafas-Chriss @ AfterMAF 2015 from PNA-Video on Vimeo.

and this

and this

You can get more of an idea of what going to go down on their Facebook Event Page.

So, that’ll be fun. Look forward to that. I’ll definitely take photos, I’ll try to mash some video together but I’m having issues with my phone’s battery so recording can be a problem. I like to record what I do so… should get that fixed.
Here’s an example of some of the stuff I have recorded the last time I was in Virginia, when the Marginal Arts fest was still a thing (stuff happened yada yada now it’s AFTERMAF for a reason)

Soooooooo Yah! For me first, My art show is my focus and this week is all about getting everything ready to launch. Then it’s on to the next thing. If for some reason I can’t go to the AfterMAF I’ll share some of what my friends have done in the future. If not, then this show GOES ON THE ROAD, which should be fun.

Ok people! Get back to work!

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