Chasing the Sun

The show at Rehab Tavern is up (hooray!). To recap, on display are oil paintings that are on linen or wood, and digital monotypes printed on watercolor paper. With the prints, these are one-off hand signed 11 x 14 prints on thick archival 120 lbs watercolor paper. The color turned out real well (I am pleased as punch). If you like the images many of them are available on my store printed on shirts and stuff… but these prints are exclusive collector items and won’t be printed this way again… which is why they are called monotypes. Also for the show opening itself I’ll be offering unframed 8 x 10 prints, so there is art available for folks on a budget. Anything that doesn’t sell I’ll put on my store, so you folks not in Columbus might get a crack at it, but folks going to the show get first choice, cos that’s how it do.

And now we are back to work on the next things. Back looking for freelance jobs (or longer term work, if the job is right), and also planning on what to do next. I’ve begun to contact people I want to model for me, and I’m looking at surfaces. I have been experimenting with linen which I like better than cotton because of it’s texture, but it’s an expense thing. I like painting on wood but I want to do larger works (which for me goes up to around 24 x 36 give or take 6 inches), and the larger a panel gets the more weight becomes an issue. So the goals are is to keep finding jobs and working on rebuilding my fine art portfolio. Hustle-hustle.


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