Blackest black?

Well happy Monday people of Earth. Today my throat is sore. It’s been an on/off thing that I’m moderately sure is sinus/allergy related, I should get the drugs today. So, not feeling my bestest self.

Show opening is Friday. I’m waiting on the new prints to come in so I can bag em and tag em to sell unframed in the print rack.

I got some paint from Culture Hustle, this Black 2.0. I’m gonna give it a test drive or two and I’ll report back on my opinion with how I’d use it. I’ll say right now it’s definitely matte and black (I did a smear test and rubbed it on my fingers). The reason why I ended up getting it was because there’s this whole drama with Anish Kapoor buying exclusive rights to vantablack, which is a super black pigment that absorbs all light. So that ain’t cool, not letting other artists experiment and use this pigment, so this dude Stuart Semple made his own affordable version of the blackest black, you can check out all that drama here. This is my first time buying paint from Culture Hustle, normally when I paint in acrylics I mostly use Golden. However I am all about experimentation when it comes to paint/pigments.  Only other thing about this paint I’ve noticed that’s not on the label is there’s no pigment codes listed, so I don’t know what it is made out of. I also can’t confirm if it smells like black cherries, because I can’t smell anything right now because of whatever is happening inside my face. I’ve noticed a lot of the paint that place sells is scented, so…. we shall see. I’ll report back and tell you my thoughts.



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