Show Opening Tonight!

It’s HAPPENING! Tonight at Rehab Tavern, 456 W Town St, Columbus, OH 43215 from 7-10 PM it will be the Official Show Opening!  What I got is over 20 works on the walls, oil paintings and digital monotypes. Tonight only I’ll be bringing unframed prints that will be on sale, (and there’s a few original unframed drawings as well). Anything in the rack will be under 20 dollahs. If you find me and say hey, I’ll give you a free baby sticker (they’re like an inch, but it’s a free sticker so yah!).   Raymond TVinyl will be spinning the records, and it will be a delightful evening.

There are lots of other art shows happening within very close walking distance tonight for Franklinton Fridays, so if you’re in Columbus and looking for a free good time, you can’t go wrong here! Click the link for locations and such.

I’ve been meaning to update more this week (including doing that Black 2.0 demo) but I have been sick as a dog with a sinus infection. I’m on antibiotics and am mostly mended (I may sound a bit hoarse today).  When I have my voice back I’ll finish recording that and get the video uploaded.

Soooooooooooooooooyah! See you tonight!

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