The next thing… (post Rehab show writeup)

Well the show opening went well… I think. For anyone who has come out and seen it,  Thank you so much for coming out and supporting me, and know I am welcome to hearing feedback. So… for me personally the images up are a mix, but that’s where I am right now. There are a few ‘real works’, as in they are paintings that are going in the direction of the kind of work I want to make. There are a few oil paint studies, exercises that are more a statement of what I see in front of me and nothing more. Then there are the digital work, which are a mixture of some leaning more towards illustration and others that are… well me trying to figure it out.

Figure what out? Well, trying to figure out how to use this medium as more of a tool of fine art expression than for commercial practices. I’ll tell you that I think this is a mental block I need to work past. All any medium is, is a tool to communicate. How you communicate whether you are a illustrator realizing the vision of the client or a fine artist exploring whatever visual//observational or emotional/poetic or symbolic or metaphorical thing you have to say… mediums are just the vehicle. The thing I like about paint is there are physical parameters in the application. There is a level (for me) of experimentation, and those objects are unique. Prints can be made but they won’t ever be the same. Anyone who goes to a museum gets that I hope. With the digital though there is more control. I make a digital work by drawing it out by hand and scanning it, then combining elements. It’s a different process but I enjoy it equally, and what I’d really would like to do is make larger works. The downside though is it’s not something that exists until it’s printed. Anyone with the source file and a good quality printer can reproduce them, so this is why I am experimenting with doing very small runs. There are prints in the show that are one of one. meaning I’ll never make that exact object again. In this case they are 11 x 14 on watercolor.

Sales wise, all I sold were prints. Paintings didn’t sell at all. I can part rationalize that because the venue and the audience that attended are not looking to buy paintings at the price point that they are sold at. There is a cap on what I can sell them for in that space which is $300, and the ones that were for sale went between 100-300. I feel like that’s extremely low, but honestly I just want to get rid of stuff. For older work I’d rather take a hit and let things go than let them take up space in my house.  The newer work I am not ready to do that yet. My goals there are to make more work, because this is the problem I have. Due to a combination of working non-art jobs and dealing with life stuff I haven’t been producing as fast as I should so I haven’t been seeing gallery representation yet, or working fairs or doing any of the things that I should be doing to gain any commercial success. This is the core of what I’ve been working on for the past 8 months. While doing lots of piece-meal graphic design & whatever other work I can find I have been trying to figure out what I am -really- going to do next. By the way, one of those things I gotta work on is getting eyeballs on my work that want to buy art and can afford me. I’m honestly not terribly expensive right now so… maybe hopefully I can move them. If I can’t I’ll have to reassess making paintings in the first place, at least to show publicly.

BTW, I know it’s uncooth to talk about these things. Part of me thinks it’ll hurt me someday, but maybe someday folks will want to know… and it helps to write it out for the three or four people who may see this someday.

What is next. I have some ideas. Focus on merging observational portraiture into the more jungian symbolic expressive work. Make more expressive work digitally, see where that goes. Build up LandLab Arts as a retail site, because I want to share what I do and I want to do so in a way that helps support what I do. And work on helping people not be afraid to be who they really are (that’s mah mission statement). I have a few publishing projects that need finishing, and started. That’s where I’m at right now I guess.

For anyone not local or that couldn’t make it out, LandLab Arts will in August have original art and signed prints for sale.

So hooray. The work continues, as it do.


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