Kicking ass and taking names, and I’m all out of ass!

So what’s doing. Well I’m slowly adding original products and signed prints to my online stores. The experiment continues! Currently the etsy shop is doing better than the shopify one, probably because more people are looking at etsy. A thought has been to combine but shopify has access to lots of stuff. so I’ll continue the experiment. I know, need to work on SEO and look at adverts and such, and all these things are baby things so I’m practicing at being patient. Oh and if you want to see the new products go to my main site at LandLab Arts or check out my Etsy shop. They contain different things now… but hey it’s up to you to check it out, this bloggy blog is for thinking thoughts and to share my experiences, not for spam…. but seriously buy stuff because it helps, and you get cool stuff (right?).

Meanwhile, I’m ‘composing’, drawing and thinking. I’m not reading enough, not doing all that I should and I’m putting pressure on me, however I’m doing what I can. A thing I wish I was doing and not is… well it’s festival season. I like to go to these free range organic temp community events (think like Burningman but much much smaller and in Ohio, although events like that are all over). Some are more artsy, some are more pagan-hippy, but I go because I want to connect with people who are authentically themselves. Not that people aren’t themselves ‘in the world’. Just that people are often more guarded, suspicious, judgmental of differences. I think that knowing many think this way causes many people anxiety. Someone may say they can’t wear that, or express themselves, or do any number of benign things that harm no one and gives pleasure to that individual only because they fear the judgment of society, of friends and strangers. Culture moves in waves, we have periods where more conservative ideas are popular and then when more progressive ideas take center stage. Right now it feels like people are especially judgy of differences, and especially fearful of being judged.

I don’t get why people get so threatened by people who aren’t exactly like them. We all want the same things, to find our way, to be safe, to connect with others. Millions of ways to do and be that, and none of them are wrong (as long as you aren’t trying to harm others or yourself). I learn more from people who aren’t exactly like me vs those who try desperately to conform and be ‘normal’. I figure all “normal” really is, is a statement we make when we are trying to blend in to some cultural standard to avoid criticism. Nobody is normal though, and all criticism is is someone’s opinion. Like unasked for advice, you aren’t obligated to give it any weight. Listen if it makes sense, maybe listen more if you hear it from many, but you are responsible for making your own decisions, ‘driving your own bus’. I would rather see people be brave and go out on their own and make a mistake they can learn from vs giving into fear and never trying, doing, and thus learning anything. I do my bestest to live by that philosophy.

Anyway. I need to stop procrastinating and get to painting. Work ain’t gonna make itself.

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