The presence of the the other

I’ve been listening to lots of videos of and about George Carlin today.

What I’d like to talk about is this video especially where Louis C.K. honors Carlin (skip to the 3 minute mark if you want to jump to).

What interests me is the creative process that’s revealed here. I’ve always been interested and fascinated by comics and their creative processes. It’s the act of going up on stage and (hopefully) saying what you want to say and connecting with a group of people. This is what all creative people want I think… well honestly it’s what we all want, but not everyone feels capable or is willing to stand up in a room and put themselves out there. Whether it be in a book or as sculpture or a painting or as comedy or in performing music or dance. Something both is in you and needs to come out, and it’s something you want to share. Not everyone is inclined to share, and I respect that (it doesn’t make the process less if it’s just for you. Creating is part of your personal journey if that is what you need to do). For me though, I need to be heard, I want people to see. Visual art is my voice, if I made it only for me it would feel like I’m mumbling to myself walking a predictable track filled with a journal that only has my own words rattling about in my head. My favorite thing is to see when people really get it, they get upset or aroused or curious or they see something they didn’t know was out there that hey, maybe is inside them too. Moments like that are rare, I would say for myself and the work I’ve made lately it’s missing the mark (and I know why that is). But when it happens I’m like a kid on Christmas.

So of course that’s where I’m at now. Working on the illustration stuff for the store and trying to figure out that direction (which is itself a separate fun thing. I can’t put my life into boxes, it’s all has to dovetail or I’m stressed). What am I doing as a painter, where do I want to go, and what do I really want to say. With regards to the video above. I really like the idea of tossing out all the old and moving ahead with the new. Myself with my ‘language’ exploring and saying new things.  The visual aspects are always it’s own growth and journey. Color, anatomy, design, etc… but what do I say with them?

Between you and the three or four people who might read this and me, I partly hold back, and because my work reflects where I’m at.. I haven’t been much. Stressed and disconnected and I think that’s evident in the work I’ve been painting. I think about that a lot, how to move forward and I have some ideas which I’ll save FOR THE FUTURE.

After all, talk is cheap, better to show results. All the results I’ve been working on lately are on the shops which aren’t as sexy. Hell I know y’all don’t want commercialized crap tossed at you, I don’t either. However if I don’t make the work available for people to buy making the money will not be easy. I got more less spammy ideas about that too, but I’ll save it, gotta see if I can pull through with my ideas first. I can’t light a fire with just smoke.

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