Pressure Cooker

I’ve been thinking for a while on what I want to talk about next. I have all these supplies you see, paints of all kinds, drawing things of all kinds, the computer stuff. My visual vocabulary is huge, HUGE!

I can think too much (it’s a gift), and as I say ‘art makin’ is a journey and you gotta sometimes treat it like a going for a walk. Imagine say you’re wandering through an old neighborhood or wood. Maybe there’s something around the corner, something unexpected. Something that will make you get that excited feeling in the pit of your belly and you know you’ve found something special. Something you want to take with you. A story to share, a feeling, something so lovely you want to keep it for yourself, but you want everyone else to feel the same way you do. For me, that is what art has always been.

Sometimes though finding new hidden worlds ain’t easy…

What’s been on my mind is I should work with models. With all that’s going on in the world, for me to connect with this moment and place and time I must get out of my head, and take more direct inspiration from others. This kind of work is different than just hiring someone to do a study off of, because I’m looking to say more than just what I see in front of me. It’s a kind of portraiture I do for myself, but involving others feels complicated. However nothing good ever comes easy right?

So, I figure what I need to do to start is ask to ask to be invited into people’s homes and ask to draw them in their environments. What I’m looking for is more of an intimate portrayal, people who feel comfortable. Perhaps do double portraits of people cuddling. Looking more at intimacy as it exists now. I’d say, we today shy away from truly intimate and honest expression of self. Facades are put up, and blatant sexuality gets lost. My work has always had a sensual component and I think it’s time to get back into that. A thing that I keep coming back to in my head is how I know many people who fear casual contact, or friendly non-sexual intimate content between people they are supposedly close to. Or, people who take the sensuality out of sex. I have a feeling that this is part of the human condition, as I meet many people who are simply afraid of what they are capable of emotionally, in life not just in sensuality or sex. I’m not in a place right now where I feel confident enough to tackle all the other social political issues with my work. I’d rather folks on the individual as how they reflect society.

I already have some ideas of who to ask… so. It’s just a matter of arranging I think. Gotta switch gears, which isn’t easy. Store is still getting fluffed out, started using google adwords so we shall see how that goes.

So yeah, start doing big drawings of folks, see where that goes… time to take a wander.

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