My first Kickstarter

It’s been in my head to do a kickstarter for a while, but I didn’t have a worthy project idea until recently. What I wanted was something I could make sure I could keep a promise on (because getting burned by crowdfunding is a bummer), and I feel really good about this.

So why enamel pins? They are crazy-popular right now, and it’s a way to take a little art with you. I bought one from my friend Lucie Shearer (check out her work, it is boss), and I liked the quality of it. I sent in several designs to the producer Pin Game Strong, who has worked with artists in the past to make sure my designs would be produced well and accurately (no problem there) and that I could do so in a cost effective way.

The theme ‘myth and magic’ was one I thought would be fun to start with… but if this goes well and there seems to be a demand for it, I’m hoping this will lead to other pins being created. Just a fun side thing.

If this gets funded, these should be produced and sent out in November/December, well before Christmas.

So, wish me luck! If you are interested in funding this project please click this link. These pins will only have one single run, so you can think of them as a limited edition. How big the run will be will depend on you!
Pin details below, and check the kickstarter to see the rewards!

abotut-the-pins copy.jpg

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