Remote viewing (movie trailer update and blah stuff)

I’ve been meaning to update this for over a week, but I’ve been so tired lately. I have a re-occurring sinus infection that’s.… occurring again. But happily I will be in insurance again thanks to the ACA ib January so that’s exciting. Open enrollment is going till the middle of December so if you’re a freelancer who’s tapping at middle age like me it’s something to check out. The website is a bit shit, on purpose I’m sure thanks to the current administration, but after you figure out what links log you out for no reason it’s not too bad. Neither is the price, although if they do away with the tax subsidy my insurance will become unaffordable. So hopefully, that won’t happen. 

Meanwhile, some of my art is in a little independent movie about zombies and weed, so that’s fun. You can check out the trailer for The Bong of the Dead here. They staged the house with lots of local artists. One of my paintings can be seen in the trailer (girl with red bird on the right of the screen in one of the group shots).  Sorry for the blurry image. I’m generally not an avid fan but I did find this pretty funny. Good for folks who are conspiracy theorist, weed, and people who like to live in and make fun of Clintonville. Pacing is off in parts but I liked it over all. Check it on the film fest circuits. 

Meanwhile I’m looking fo more work (things have been dry), adding holiday stuff to my shops, and sketching out ideas, and just trying to maintain. Focus especially these last couple weeks hasn’t been going well. All I want to do is try to sleep off my brain fog. 

I’ll try to be more comprehensive later. 

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