Happy New Year 2018 (bonus Dayton Art Institute ramble)

Another year in the books. I hope your holidays were festive and you have a lovely new year how ever you opt to spend it. Thanks for everyone who’s subscribed to this blog/journal thing and folks who enjoyed my work. Thanks to people who’ve bought a painting or print, supported me via my online shop or sought my services or commissioned me privately. Your support is everything, and helps me continue to do what I do.

Now it’s on to the next thing.

As a footnote, I checked out the Mucha exhibit at the Dayton Art Institute. I’ve you’ve not been, it’s a fine space and they have some interesting stuff.

The photos below are ones I took, angled to catch the light of the gold or silver ink or in one case, a print that was on a silverlike silk (I gotta try that). Metallics are something I also employ in my work, and I didn’t realize the original prints had this feature.


I also had a wander through the rest of the space. Decent size museum for the city, the collection has some gems and work by artists I hadn’t seen before including some Ohio based painters, and also lesser quality portraits. I especially liked the one below, because it’s face is good but the rest is just weird. shapeless shoulders, giant hands. Hilarious. Sorry I didn’t get the artist’s name.


So yah, gave me stuff to chew on. Which is always good.

I’ll see you next year people. Meanwhile, I suggest you get back to work.

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