I LOVE PORTRAITURE! (plus art auction stuff)

Ambrose McEvoyChristian SchadMeredith FramptonAlice Neel, Max BeckmannSylvia Gosse, John Singer Sargent, Otto Dix, Tamara de Lempicka, KlimptLeonor Fini, Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo both. Etc. Etc. to get you started if you were looking for multiple visual rabbit holes today.

I’ve been sitting with my ‘reason why’ I paint, and why I always gravitate to portraits. I’m supposed to give some deep horrid spiritual reason right? ARTISTS pull from the ether some deep vision that’s close to God (or insert your higher power/world philosophy here). I’m not sure if I have one, or if I did I don’t think I could give you adequate words. Sometimes using words to explain something is impossible, like asking a fish to explain the feeling of swimming and breathing in an open sea with the green black below and the mirror sky above. Yeah, sometimes I lean towards poetic descriptors… my blog my rules.

When I think of the work that… affects me the most, it’s really oil paintings that do it for me, especially portraits, especially 100 year old portraits, and especially in person. They’re always bigger than life in person, often bigger than I am tall (but not always). They often have this technical layering, glazing of color that hums in the light. Something photographs never quite capture. The presence a good portrait in my mind has is akin to being in an empty church or temple. Even if you don’t believe or the gods have long seemed to have left that place there’s for me a lingering presence. If I could come close to that, and give other people that experience, I’d be so excited.  So that’s my thinkin’ thought today.

Meanwhile, in completely unrelated news I have discovered and have started poking with Adobe Character Creator. It does motion capture, and can turn photoshop/illustrator images into animation.  For me, I can see it’s uses in producing vlogs or in-kind videos quickly.  I’ve been thinking about recording my thoughts on materials, studio practice, inspiration and how to mange blocks, dealing with criticisms, and other inspiry stuff that others may find useful. The thing that stops me is I find watching myself in recordings really weird. It’s dumb but I can’t get past it. So this can be a fun alternative and bonus. I can stream live with it too, so that’ fun.

So yeah, silly animation test. I could really use your feedback, would you be interested in this content from me? I’ll probably end up doing it anyway, but if people would let me know what they’d like to see, that would give me a sweet jumping off point to start with.

The panel I painted last year for Urban Scrawl, among others will be auctioned off at the fundraiser Art for Franklinton on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Proceeds will benefit the George Bellows Grant Program, which funds the enhancement of arts, culture, collaboration, and community in the emerging arts hub of Franklinton. More info can be found at https://www.facebook.com/events/500617383667132/
Below is a video of part of the painting progress I just put up a few days ago.

Sooo, yeah, those are things that are happening.

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