Some artists I dig

No images this round. Instead I’m sharing some of the artists and groups I find very interesting, in no specific order. There’s more, but I think some of these you may not have heard of. Presented in no particular order….

The Group Of Seven (Canadian landscape painters from the 1920s) Especially Tom Thompson. It’s all about the color and the composition for me. I find this stuff dynamic.

Zanele Muholi,  a South African artist & activist working in photography, video and installation. Her work focuses on black lesbian, gay, transgender, and intersex people. I find her portraiture interesting and her subject and method authentic.

Fayum Mummy Portraits and Byzantine Icons. I remember being told in college that people once believed the gods actually existed in side their statues, and that they could hear, and even speak. I’ve always been intrigued by art that conveys a ‘presence’, although whether they may contain anything beyond a psychological impression is up for debate. Who cares, what matters is how the work makes you feel.

Christian Schad, part of the New Objectivity movement (of whom I’m a big ole’ fan). He’s most well known for his sensuous and erotic portraits and paintings of German nightlife in the 20’s. His work depicts lots of gender bending and drag, showing we have always had a queer element to society, just sometimes it’s more underground than others.

George Grosz, another German painter from the New Objectivity movement, but more abstract and expressive. His work does some kind of psychological number on me that makes me angry for some reason.

Gerda Wegener, huge influence, she also explored flipping the male gaze and challenged how women were depicted in art in early 20th century Paris. Her life was pretty interesting too.

Tamara De Lempicka, another progressive lady who gained notoriety in the 20’s and 30’s (are you noticing a trend?). Known for what has been termed as art deco portraiture, she also painted strong sensuous female imagery. Later she delved into cubism and surrealism.

I think thats enough for now. If people dig this kinda stuff I’ll share more. I like giving people obscure information they may not have seen before.

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