Well, I haven't posted in a proper minute. because I've been dealing with... things... So here's the thing. A question I ask myself occasionally is 'what would happen if I stoped censoring, said what was really on my mind? People would totally be down with that right? Who doesn't love honesty, a good vulgar rant?... Continue Reading →


Kicking ass and taking names, and I’m all out of ass!

So what's doing. Well I'm slowly adding original products and signed prints to my online stores. The experiment continues! Currently the etsy shop is doing better than the shopify one, probably because more people are looking at etsy. A thought has been to combine but shopify has access to lots of stuff. so I'll continue... Continue Reading →

What is happening here?

ok long story short, I am fixing my web presence. If you follow me on other social media places, you'll know I've recently launched an online store called LandLab Arts. It's just a baby right now, with the eventual goal of not just selling the shirts and mugs, but prints of my work as well.... Continue Reading →

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